“You keep your cup filled and give to others out of your overflow.”  Unknown

Is your garden a sandy wasteland with no grass while your neighbor has a flourishing green lawn fit for a bowling green?  Well this is not a gardening article – I don’t like grit under my nails!  However, you might be surprised to find out how many of us are so busy running after  people, worrying about them, taking on their responsibilities that we neglect our own physical, mental and emotional needs.  This is a lot more serious than ending up with a dusty sand patch for a garden while your neighbor has a carpet of green lawn.

So how would you know if your “garden” is a sandy wasteland or dust patch?

Ask yourself:

  1. Am I always tired?
  2. Do I dread getting up in the morning?
  3. Does everyone in my life seem to “need me”?
  4. Do I always have to be the strong one, keeping everything together?
  5. What do I do for myself?
  6. What feeds and nourishes my soul or spirit?
  7. How much capacity do I have right now if another crisis arose in my life?
  8. Is my body telling me something?
  9. Do I have headaches, maybe have difficulty sleeping?
  10. Do I feel like I am running on “empty”?

These could all be clues “shouting” at you to say “I am standing in a dust patch.”  Yes, you might be neglecting to feed and cherish yourself.

Why do we do this?  There could be numerous reasons but some could be:

  • Our self-esteem could be low and we measure our value by helping others
  • Maybe as a child we were only praised when we did something for others
  • We might have been cast in a role of “the little adult” instead of being a child

These might have been ways for us to survive as children but they put us on a course of “self-destruction” as an adult.

If you would like to change things or explore any of the above feelings, give me a call.  My passion is helping others to find their way out of a self-imposed psychological prison.

Give me a call and see how coaching can be the “one of the best things you have ever done for yourself”.

Posted by Stella Heuer – 17 March 2014