3 day Peer Education:

August 2014

The voice of Peer Educators

“Was this workshop meaningful to you?”

Written verbatim as said or written by peer educators


Company in Mpumalanga

  • I have learnt about obesity and healthy living and eating
  • I have learnt that you can wear the female condom for up to 8 hours
  • I have learnt the need for a network and support group to help our colleagues and community.  The need to take ARV’s – it starts with me to take the HIV test
  • To be confidential, accept our status and support each other
  • Some people are not ashamed to share their status.  I have learnt courage to share my HIV status
  • You have added to my knowledge regarding positive partners, how to consult and how to prevent mother to child transmission
  • Too much information but now I know how to teach women on the female and male condom
  • I have learnt to be brave and be at peace with sharing problems, help family – I am not afraid to confront issues in my family.  How to keep our families safe – stop keeping your status from your family
  • I have learnt to take care of my body – don’t be reckless, be moderate
  • I have learnt how to use the female condom – one condom, one round
  • Not to assume that sick people are HIV positive.  I have leant on how to boost your immune system when using ARV ‘s
  • I have learnt on how to handle disclosure of HIV status – how to eat healthy.  Thanks for the opportunity
  • The question cards – have true information to pass around.  I have taken the challenge to gather correct information
  • I have learnt the importance of keeping a secret – confidentiality
  • I have learnt on how to build a network, how ARV’s are so important and the need to start treatment early
  • I have learnt that we all have difficulties and we can support.  I only have confidence now to share my status
  • Thanks for the love shown in this room.  Keep up the good work, Maud and Stella.  How to use a condom, check expiry date.  I am equipped to be a peer educator
  • I have seen the value of team work even though we didn’t know each other.   I have always had female condoms but didn’t know how to use them



  1. Braamfontein
  • It was I learned a lot about HIV, Diabetes, Cancer. Know I’ve the knowledge that I can give to my family, and Colleagues.
  • Cos I was given a chance to participate throughout and learned more and two emotional especially when we had to share our secrets.and other diseases.
  • I learned a lot about stress people
  • It helps some of us to be helpful in our families and friends at our work place and homes.
  • Yes, I have gained a lot of knowledge + insight into myself, my role as a peer educator and the combined role of peer eds in a group.
  • The workshop was very informative and some new information will be of benefit to me.
  • Yes!! As a Peer Educator I mean I’ve got duties to fulfill, especially to my peer at work.
  • Yes
  • It was …….. I end up feeling like joining the health or wellness group to help people.
  • Yes! Was eye opening on lifestyle diseases. Got knowledge on how to be a peer education & Responsibility.
  • Yes it gave me more insight and was very informative.
  • Yes, very interactive with the latest stats.
  • Very, I know what to do with my stress.
  • Yes: The workshop was simplified by lot of open-discussions and donkey card game and straight to the point.
  • Yes it was meaning especially learning about our self rather than other before.
  • Yes the workshop was meaningful to me because I learn a lot about HIV/AIDS and all about silence killer.
  • Yes because I gained a lot of information that I didn’t know about it, and also learned how to work as a team.



What did you enjoy most about the workshop?

  • Donkey games, they was to explain to us some of the diseases.
  • Being hyper when comes to asking questions to up lift and engaged more knowledge.
  • I enjoy to because I got knowledge. Who to communicate with other people.
  • Lifestyle diseases it’s no long teach about HIV but the health awareness.
  • I liked the interaction. Stella is a great facilitator. She kept us on our toe’s with not a second to drift off.
  • Having to look at myself – the Johari window.
  • I was learning more and at the same time having fun.
  • The donkey game! All the info on Johan window
  • The idea of having new people in our Branch and to participate on this project and learn more about a lot of things that are happening in the world and people.
  • The activities especially the sharing of our experience. The information about HIV/AODS & procedure of how a virus spread.
  • Everything, facilitator explained everything very well and answered all questions.
  • There was open discussions regarding the course material which helps to grasps the various topics
  • The openness.
  • The presenter was lovely. The workshop was most interactive activity.
  • Activeness of a an educator and by the way she teaches.
  • Enjoy about how all these diseases, how they affect somebody.
  • Topic about HIV/AIDS TB and STRESS



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September 3, 2014