True False I don’t know
1. When people are depressed we should tell them to look on the bright side of things?
2. Everyone reacts the same way to stress?
3. People who are depressed are just seeking attention.
4. If people don’t tell me they are depressed, then I would not know.
5. It is not necessary to refer people for professional assistance – I can always help them on my own.
6. We should always suppress our emotions and not let anyone know how we are really feeling.
7. It is selfish to take time to look after ourselves.
8. It is really comforting to others when we say “I know how you feel”.
9. It is a strong person who asks for help, not a sign of weakness.
10. Committing suicide is a coward’s way out.
11. Do not ask someone if they have thought of suicide.  It will give them the idea.
12. Taking medication for depression is enough treatment.
13. Only weak people need to go to a psychologist or counsellor
14. One in three people in South Africa will suffer from a mental disorder at some time.
15. Depression can affect ones relationships, job and family functioning.

Stella & the Ed-Unique Team