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 “More than 1 million South Africans are living with Bipolar Disorder, It is the 3rdmost researched topic on The South African Depression and Anxiety Group’s (SADAG) website. Then why is it still then so stigmatized? In South Africa, a lack of knowledge about Bipolar Disorder is coupled by the spread of inaccurate and often harmful information about the condition. It is this stigma that SADAG works very hard to minimise, while helping thousands of patients with Bipolar through its support programmes and counselling lines.
Bipolar disorder is a chronic illness and treatment is usually life-long but it can be managed with the right medication, psychotherapy, and support from friends and family. Bipolar is a mood disorder that is associated with Manic and Depressive episodes.

  Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

 Two types of mood episodes occur in Bipolar Disorder, Manic and Depressive episodes
Symptoms of a Manic episodes are:

1.      Needing little sleep yet having great amounts of energy,

  1. Talking so fast that others can’t follow your thinking,
  2. Having racing thoughts,
  3. Being easily distracted that your attention shift between many topics in just a few minutes,
    5.      Having an inflated feeling of power, greatness, or importance.

    Symptoms of a Depressive episode are:
  4. Feeling sad, blue, or down in the dumps,
  5. Losing interest in things you normally enjoy,
  6. Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  7. Feeling slowed down or feeling too agitated to sit still”


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Posted by Stella Heuer , 5 June 2013

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