I, the undersigned, agree to the following Code of Ethics for Peer Educators and undertake to live up to them at all times:

  • Organise and execute at least one formal presentation each month, either as an individual or part of a small group;
  • Organise and execute at least one informal discussion at work, in the family, church or community every month;
  • Complete the monthly Administrative and Communication requirements of the programme;
  • Participate in all Wellness and community events organized by the Company;
  • Confidentiality will be respected at all times.   Any breach of such will automatically disqualify one from being a peer educator;
  • Peer educators are expected to be role models in the way they live their personal lives;
  • Respect, trust, and honesty are values that are integral to the programme and peer educators are expected to display these at all times;
  • Any behaviour which brings the peer educator programme into disrepute will result in dismissal from the programme. Such behaviours include, but are not limited to:
    • Gender discrimination at the workplace or in the community;
    • Abuse of alcohol/drugs or arriving at any event, organized by the Company, under the influence of alcohol;
    • Public knowledge of inappropriate sexual behavior;
    • Domestic violence;
    • Refusal to promote the use of and benefits of condoms;
    • Advocating religious beliefs that undermine the clinical and medical facts of HIV and AIDS;
    • Refusing to know their own status;
    • Spreading myths and misconceptions about HIV & AIDS;
    • Undermining the constructive development of the Company’s peer education programme

Posted by Stella Heuer  4 June 2013