Why do we set aside a full week from the 27th May to the 2nd June 2014 to commemorate CHILD PROTECTION week?

Well, look at the following news stories to hit the headlines internationally over the last month:

A Connecticut couple was in court Wednesday, accused of disciplining a child with an electric shock collar meant for dogs.


An Army major and his wife accused in New Jersey of abusing their three foster children are free on $250,000 bail each.  John and Carolyn Jackson of Mount Holly appeared in federal court Thursday in Newark. They were ordered to have no contact with children. The couple allegedly abused the children while John Jackson was stationed at the Picatinny Arsenal in Morris County from 2007 to 2012. Prosecutors say the couple broke bones, withheld food and forced the children to eat hot sauce and peppers.

The two were indicted on 17 counts including endangerment, assault and conspiracy. The children are now in custody of New Jersey’s Children and Families Department. One of the children died in 2008, but the death was determined not to be caused by abuse or neglect.


A former teacher at a Norwalk day care centre has been charged with molesting two girls during nap time.


A young mother in Queens answered to charges in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Thursday. Ashley Diaz, 28, could face life in prison if convicted of second-degree murder after prosecutors say her daughter was found unresponsive Monday in their apartment in Far Rockaway. Kevasia Edwards was pronounced dead at the hospital. The autopsy revealed evidence of violent impacts to the toddler’s head and body.


NEW YORK (WABC) — Prosecutors have confirmed they now plan to seek a murder indictment against a woman already charged with abusing a 4-year-old New York City boy. The boy, Myls Dobson, died Jan. 8. He was in King’s care while his father was jailed. Medical examiners ruled his death a homicide this month. They determined he died of child abuse, including dehydration. Before the finding, King was charged with assault and pleaded not guilty. According to prosecutors’ court documents, King told police she beat the boy with a belt and wires, bound him with shoelaces and locked him on a freezing terrace because he misbehaved.


Buenos Aires – A 15-year-old girl has been rescued in Argentina after being nearly starved and beaten in a garage by an adoptive family for nine years, a court source said on Wednesday. Weighing 20kg, the malnourished girl was hospitalized after being found in Buenos Aires.She said she had been fed only bread and water, and was beaten for eating leftover dog food and monkey kibble thrown to animals in the same space where she was kept, the source said.


 Johannesburg – The body of an infant was found in a dirt bin along Bothma Street in Honeydew, west of Johannesburg, on Monday, paramedics said.


An Mpumalanga man was jailed for life by the Nelspruit Regional Court on Thursday for raping his 7-year-old niece. A Sapa correspondent reported Magistrate André Geldenhuys saying during sentencing that the man abused the girl after she was left in his care by her elder sister.”The child was 7 years old at the time. You were 40 years old, about five times older than her. You humiliated her and destroyed her future,” Geldenhuys said.


Johannesburg – Government on Wednesday welcomed the closure of the Rosettenville crèche in Johannesburg where a toddler was bound, gagged, and left in a bathroom unattended.  “Government welcomes the closure of Petite Bumper Daycare Centre in Rosettenville by the department of social development and law enforcement agencies in Gauteng,” spokesperson Phumla Williams said in a statement.

Crèche owner Labeeba Truter told the paper she was aware of the incident but had not reported it to police.

She claimed she was not responsible for the  abuse and she did not know it was child abuse.






What is child abuse?

Because children are so helpless and depend on adults for basic needs such as food and clothing as well as guidance, all forms of abuse apply. Because children are not fully developed human beings, they are especially vulnerable. So while a child might have a warm comfortable home, that same child might be intellectually abused by a parent who does not respect the child’s intellectual interests.

Child abuse is the worst because the scars will last a life time and the child may never develop in a healthy manner due to the abuse. Also the abuse suffered by the child may be passed on to the next generation continuing the intergenerational cycle of abuse.

What is Physical Abuse?

Any kind of physical intimidation or intrusion such as pushing, pulling, scratching, hitting, slapping, striking, punching, kicking, chocking, drowning, tripping, throwing things, wrestling holds, pulling hair, torturing, burning with cigarettes, cutting etc. Physical abuse can be referred to by other terms such as domestic violence, family violence and teenage violence.

What is emotional abuse?

Abusive behavior that uses emotions to intimidate the victim.

All forms of abuse have an emotional component such as fear or intimidation with physical abuse or loss of self-esteem with verbal abuse.

People, who get you to buy into their expectations of you, can manipulate you emotionally by being disappointed or angry. Of course, all of us try to meet the expectations of those we love and often feel the burn of disappointment when we fail, but emotional abuse takes this many steps further.

What is Sexual Abuse?

Forced sex or sex that takes unfair advantage of the abuser’s power. It is not considered sex between ‘consenting adults’ as the abused person is often a minor or is in a vulnerable position as a student who is coerced into having sex with a teacher or an employee who is pressured into having sex with his or her boss.

Any kind of inappropriate touching of a younger person by an older person is abusive. Young people may feel uncomfortable but not know why. Such touching may introduce them into areas they are not ready for. Since younger people do not have highly developed standards or have not set their boundaries or personal space when it comes to sex, they are being exploited by an older person. Sexual abuse should also include inappropriate discussions of sex and looking at pornography.



This information is vital for peer educators to understand.  Part of their role is to create awareness around social issues that impact on the health of our employees and communities.


Please note:

We offer training sessions on Abusive Relationships and understanding health Boundaries in Relationships.  Please give us a call to find out about the psychosocial educational training programmes we run.  Education is our passion.




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May 13, 2014