Ed-Unique has been existence for more than 14 years as it was established by Stella Heuer in the Eastern Cape in 2003. From small beginnings we have relocated our head office to Cape Town in 2012 and have been recently joined by Thandeka Lomberg, a highly experienced HR & Management Consultant and Training Facilitator (2018)
At Ed-Unique we are focused on not just landing and implementing learning or human resource projects and solutions, but also on embedding the intervention or learning in the business. It’s important that we do not just do things for the sake of ticking boxes, but that we ensure that there’s change in behaviour and productivity. It is therefore crucial for all stakeholders to be held accountable for what they need to deliver in order to see the return on the investment.

What we do:

  • We design unique effective & creative training and Human Resource solutions
  • We hand pick facilitators who combine subject matter expertise and a passion to work with and connect with people
  • We use facilitators who understand the culture of our participants
  • When required we provide training in the mother tongue of our trainees
  • We are willing to be honest and tell clients what we believe will work and what will not work
  • We look beyond the obvious and strive to get to the core of all problems so as to provide effective workable solutions

What we do not do:

  • We don’t do tick box training for the sake of doing it
  • We do not use a “one size fits all” model
  • We do not work with clients who are not motivated to make a genuine meaningful impact
  • We do not use facilitators who only have subject matter expertise but no passion to work with and connect with people
  • We do not take on projects that are doomed to fail by the way they are set up

Meet Thandi and Stella


I am, proudly, what one would call a “late bloomer!” My personal experience with burnout in 1996 led me on to study Psychology and Social Services and to finding my true passion and talent. I had no idea, prior to studying through Unisa that I have a creative flare for designing training materials and taking complex information and transforming it into user friendly and impactful training interventions. I discovered that I loved working with people and facilitating learning interventions.

My personal history and life experience has given me an insight and great empathy towards people who struggle in life. I do not judge others and believe that we all have the resources and strength to face life, no matter what our circumstances or experiences are. Tomorrow is always a new day ad by changing our thoughts, we change our life.

My journey led to the establishing of Ed-Unique in 2003 and it’s been an exciting journey which has included:

  • Designing a Lifeskills Board Game for the EC Education Department, printing 12000 and training 3000 teachers to implement it
  • I was winner of the EC Business Women in 2005
  • For 10 years I trained, mentored ad coordinated the Peer Education
  • Programme at Mercedes Benz
  • Designing educational materials that have been used by both corporate companies and government departments
  • Worked in various provinces of South Africa
  • Developing programmes that include many soft skills that are essential for workplace success
  • Current Partnership with Thandi which expands the scope of interventions we offer our clients


I am very excited to have joined Ed-Unique as Partner. I have worked with Stella and trained on behalf of the company for the last 4 years and the work done by Ed-Unique has always excited me.

I have worked in HR for years and been involved in selecting service providers to implement various training interventions.  Ed-Unique stands head and shoulders above many because of the unique offering and creative flare that Stella brings to the table.

I’m described as someone with tenacity, drive and a people’s person. I love what I do and I am passionate about the clients I serve and treat their business as if it’s mine.  One of my driving forces is sustainability of all the projects I am involved with, whether it is facilitation of training, my involvement with schools, mentoring young men and women and providing life skills. I ensure that benefits are reaped over a period of time, often through the involvement of partnerships.

I was born and bred in Gugulethu and I am very aware of the immense talent that is available and, with the right opportunities, can be nurtured and developed. I benefitted greatly from those opportunities and having an insight into different cultures I am well placed to connect to audiences from various backgrounds and can facilitate in three languages.

I have vast experience in the field of Learning and Development; Human Resources; Recruitment and Selection; Talent and People Management. I’ve also been involved with Graduate Programmes, Talent Academies and Learnership programmes which I thoroughly enjoy.

My career has put me in a position where I have to see the bigger picture and not to only focus on what I’m doing, but to look at synergies and to see how I can integrate what I’m responsible for with what is happening in the organisation in order to have maximum impact.  Project management has been an integral part of my work, involving the need to plan the necessary resources, to prioritise the work and to deliver on time.

“Where Training is more than a Science. It is an Art”!