Ask yourself the following questions as honestly as possible.  If you answer more than 4 or 5 of these questions with a “yes”, then these are red flags pointing to the fact that you need to seriously consider the impact that drugs or alcohol are having on your life.


  1. Has alcohol or drug use ever caused problems with work, school, or caring for your children?

2.  Has your drug use or drinking ever created a problem in your relationships (fights with spouse, children, other                         problems with those you love)?

3, Have you ever had legal trouble because of your drug use or drinking (Possession, DUI, Public Drunkenness, etc.)?

4. Has using caused you to make new friends and lose old friendships, created an unsatisfying feeling of loneliness or          isolation?

5.Do you seek inferior companions while drinking or using drugs?

6. Have you ever tried to quit drinking or using drugs?

7. Have you ever been hospitalized for drinking or using drugs?

8. Do you suffer from memory loss as a result of drinking or using drugs?

9. Do you often think about how or when you will next drink or use drugs?

10.Do you have cravings for alcohol or drugs first thing in the morning?

11. Is there any recurring time during the day when you find yourself thinking of drinking or using drugs?

12. Do you feel lack of motivation that you once had because of drinking or using drugs?

13.Do you ever suffer from insomnia?

14. Do you ever suffer from blackouts?

15.  Do you drink or use drugs when you are alone?

16.  Do you ever feel guilty after drinking or using drugs?

17.  Have you gained a reputation of being a drinker, partier, or drug user?

18. Do you try to overcome shyness or become more confident by drinking or using drugs?

19.  Do you sometimes stay intoxicated or high on drugs for days at a time?

20. When sober, do you sometimes regret things you have said or done while under the influence of alcohol or drugs?