We specialise in Health, Peer Education and Lifeskills Training in the Workplace.  Without a doubt, stress management training is an integral part of our work.  Being such a complex subject with a multitude of causes and factors to influence stress, we are looking just briefly at one causal factor namely Personality Disorders.

Personality Disorders is a subject I wish I knew about years ago as I have now been able to identify a few within my close circle and they have had rather a dramatic influence on my personal life.

It is estimated that about 7% of the population in South Africa might have a personality disorder. The chances are therefore pretty high that we either have a personality disorder or live with someone or work with someone who has this. What is a personality disorder?

It is a mental disorder that includes a wide range of emotions and behaviors that are detrimental to relationships and cause friends and family a great deal of anguish. The person with PD can be quite toxic and cause a lot of confusion, stress and drama.

The characteristics of a personality disorder can include:
1. Eccentric behavior
2. Dramatic or erratic behavior
3. An anxious or fearful component

The problem with personality disorders is that they are not easy to treat, as most people with them do not see themselves as the problem, and are prone to blame others for their problems. Most only land up in treatment if they have a co-occurring problem with substance abuse or depression o are forced into therapy by their family.

Some personality disorders are:
1. Histrionic PD (dramatic and drawing attention to themselves)
2. Borderline PD (unstable emotions and moods)
3. Narcissistic PD (self-absorbed, feelings of superiority)
4. Avoidant PD (scared of criticism and very shy and feel inadequate)
5. Dependent PD (cannot function independently at an adult level)
6. Antisocial PD (rules don’t apply to them)
……..amongst some others…

Our Stress Workshops ( Lifeskills workshops) are custom designed for each client and with a creative edge we dig far below the surface to firstly identify the various causes of stress, (One reason could be having to live or work with someone with Personality Disorder! Yikes!!) We attack the stigma around getting professional help and take a serious look at the work one has to do to combat stress in our lives.

Very interesting insight on Borderline Personality Disorder – check the web of : A.J. Mahari in her Audio Program, “The Puzzle and Mystery of Hope on the Other Side of BPD”

Read more: http://www.psychguides.com/guides/personality-disorder-symptoms-causes-and-effects/