Did you know that about 60% of South Africa’s estimated 150,000 sex workers are HIV-positive?

What are you doing for World Aids Day? Need any help? We are not a fan of handing out red ribbons. In our opinion the ribbon has passed its sell-by date! We specialise in providing relevant, practical, meaningful training sessions on HIV.

Did you know? South Africa remains one of the countries with the highest HIV prevalence. HIV/Aids was the leading killer, resulting in 112,243 deaths in 2015 and the top nonfatal cause of health loss.

Let us introduce you to the virus – Code named SSIDNEY! Crack the Code and you will have the modus operandi of the virus.

SS – Small and Silent
I – Intelligent
D – Death and Devastation
N – Never (not me – it happens to others
E – Enjoyment – catches people when they are “having fun”
Y – Youth – age group most infected are 15 – 45 years

So what do you actually know about HIV?

1. How long does it take the HI Virus to replicate once it gets into a human?
2. What is the major change in treatment of HIV that has been introduced from September 2016?
3. Why is there no cure after more than 30 years of research?
4. How does ARV medication also act as a form of “prevention”?
5. What are “discordant couples”?
6. What does the HI Virus do to the immune system and what does it do to the CD 4 cells?
7. Why do a minority of people not seem to get HIV?
8. Why are most people infected with HIV unaware of their status?
9. Why do the HIV Rapid tests used for diagnosing HIV, not look for the HI virus? If it doesn’t look for t he HI virus itself, then what is it looking for?
10. Can children aged 12 be tested for HIV without their parents consent?
11. True or False? The window period is the time between a person being tested and the time they experience symptoms.
12. True or False? The HI virus when it is replicated, looks just like the parent cell.
13. Does the virus also have the ability to hide in the body and form “”reservoirs”?
14. How accurate are the HIV tests?
15. How reliable is the condom as a preventative measure?
16. What happens if you put Vaseline on a condom?
17. If someone is raped, what can they do to make sure that they do not become infected with HIV?
18. Is disclosure of one’s status always beneficial?
19. What is the link between TB and HIV?
20. True or False. One must go for an HIV test as soon as one experiences symptoms.
21. True or False? Knowing one’s status is a sure way to prevent getting HIV.

Need any answers? Give us a call if you would like some meaningful “meaty” HIV awareness for your staff.